How to Complete a Re-Brand of Your Business



Completely rebranding a company is a risky endeavour and it’s crucial to think about the actions to take and the consequences that will follow. Despite the risks involved, rebranding sometimes may be the only thing that can save an enterprise and give it relevance in the market once again. As the target audience changes with time, it is important for companies to keep up not only for the sake of staying alive in competition but also get ahead of it.

To survive in Hamilton, the economically diverse and fastest-growing urban area in New Zealand, you’d have to consider some important points before taking the first step in rebranding your business.

Steps on how to rebrand your business

Step 1. Think about your target audience: Now that you are convinced about the need to keep up with the changing target audience, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of the taste and preference of the new target your aiming to satisfy. Without a proper plan that’s directed towards achieving individual goals, your rebranding strategy is bound to fall flat on its face.

Step 2. Concentrate on the big picture: Don’t get caught up in the rat race of having the best brand logo or the best story behind it. People who are on the Internet have low attention span and may barely pay attention to the details. A compelling story of how your brand came to be might sound appealing on paper, but investing on selling the story is a risk that is just not worth taking.

Step 3. Define who you are: Forget about the image you’re trying to shed and concentrate on telling people what your brand is about now. Get rid of the negatives, and focus on a narrow market in order to cater to a niche audience. Your goal would be to develop loyalty by truly caring for your customers and establish the business as a distinguishable entity.

Step 4. Get an expert on the job: The value of an unbiased opinion is often ignored because people who are too close to the brand think they know everything. Hiring a consultant for a particular period can prove to be invaluable in accomplishing the rebranding objectives and eventually moving forward.

Step 5. Pick the right time for the announcement: it’s important that you make an announcement that something big is coming. Also, pick the perfect time for the announcement because people tend to resist change at a subconscious level.

Don’t catch your audience off guard with the rebrand, but let them know a few weeks in advance. In the meantime, you’d want to start laying the groundwork for the exclusive launch and make the most use of social media to get the message across.

Step 6. Real-world advertising: Sure, the Internet may have taken the world by storm, but the major part of your target market would be those who might not be frequent on social media or other web-based platforms. Advertising through the use of posters, banners, and signboards are still popular in the major cities like Hamilton, and you should make the most out of the opportunity to reach out to the masses.

Step 7. Leave no change behind: When you are aiming for a complete rebrand, it’s important that you do not leave traces of the old traits behind. Be it the company logo, motto, theme, brand ambassador, etc., everything has to go and make way for the new. If people see a sign board showing the new logo at one place and the former logo in another, they might think your company is disorganised. When it comes to making impressions, make it certain that it is a positive one. Leave the “all publicity is good publicity” theory to celebrities.

Step 8: Utilise social media Power: When you’ve got the rebranding objectives in path, don’t leave out social media promotions as it is perhaps the best way of personally communicating with the target audience. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PINTEREST, Google+ can all be new channels of product and brand promotion, where you can not only find new customers but also imbue a sense of loyalty to the intended target. Be bold. Be unique. Be you.

Step 9: Keep your employees up-to-date: Your employees are your company’s driving force. It’s crucial that you communicate clearly about the brand’s new approach, new targets and goals, new visions, and everything else in between. Employee engagement cannot only benefit your business but also help in boosting the morale of your workforce as they’ll feel more involved in the entire process. Get all your employees on board and channel their energy towards a common goal to achieve maximum success with the project.

Step 10: Stay grounded: once the groundwork is complete and your business is ready to display its new avatar, your job would be to stay grounded to the reality. Success doesn’t mean much unless it lasts and this is why you should always strive to make your business better than it was yesterday. Remember, customer is king, and you’ll have to play by their rules to survive. Now that people have come to know about the new vision of your company, it’s now time to live up to the promises.



In a market where innovation equals to profitability, you’d have to utilise all the tricks of the trade in research and development as well as marketing to stay in your A game. Since now, real-world marketing is more important than ever, the significance of investing in signage makes great sense.

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